Europe’s new political players Novices to watch in the big EU election.

The 2014 European Parliament election was a breakthrough moment for radical parties on the left and right. The Alternative for Germany, the Sweden Democrats and Spain’s Podemos all won their first seats that year. And Syriza from Greece won six seats, up from one in 2009.

Since then, more than 100 new parties have been created in EU countries — some of which are set to send their first members to the European Parliament after voters head to the polls in May.

Who will break out in 2019? Here is POLITICO’s guide to the new parties to watch.

DiEM25 y Volt: dos candidaturas jóvenes que intentan crear movimientos transnacionales para reconstruir Europa

El euroescepticismo y el nacionalismo no son las únicas respuestas posibles a las crisis de Europa. Una nueva ola de paneuropeísmo crítico coge carrerilla para intentar entrar en el Parlamento Europeo y revertir una tendencia que considera autodestructiva. Su receta: los problemas de Europa se solucionan con más Europa. Con una Unión Europea más fuerte, reformada y solidaria capaz de afrontar unos retos que nunca jamás volverán a respetar fronteras.

Shaping politics in Europe: 'Citizens need to have a say

Today's guest in Perspective is Colombe Cahen-Salvador. She co-founded Volt, a pan-European, progressive movement that is bringing a grassroots approach to politics in the European Union. Amid Brexit uncertainty and rising populism in the EU, she says Europe needs a wake-up call.

Shocked by Brexit, we launched the first pan-European progressive movement

Before Brexit I never thought deeply about Europe. I benefited from the European Union, studied its shortcomings and achievements, yet it had always seemed to be a given. But 23 June 2016 changed everything. On the morning of Britain’s vote to leave the EU I was on the phone to my partner, Andrea Venzon, and felt devastated. I grew up in France and studied law in the UK. Andrea and I had always planned to move to London some day. It just made sense: I’m French, he’s Italian, and we’d first met there. We represent the generation who have been able to study across Europe as part of the Erasmus scheme.

Volt wants to become the first pan-EU political party

Everyone agrees that the European Union is not democratic enough, but they disagree on what to do about it. In 2016, shocked by the Brexit referendum, a group of young Europeans who had studied in Britain decided that one solution might be a pan-European political party. Their brainchild, Volt, now has thousands of members across 30 countries (the eu28 plus Albania and Switzerland), and will run in the European Parliament elections next year. On October 27th about 450 delegates met in Amsterdam to approve the party’s programme, in a sea of youthful optimism and multilingual policy wonkery.

Cum văd viitorul României 4 tineri care au învăţat în cele mai bune şcoli din lume

Au studiat la universităţi de top din Statele Unite, dar s-au întors acasă cu planuri mari pentru viitorul României. Aproximativ 35 de români câştigă în fiecare an una dintre cele mai prestigioase burse din lume: Fulbright, care le acoperă taxe de şcolarizare de până la 40.000 de dolari pe an. Poveştile de succes a 4 tineri care au învăţat în cele mai bune şcoli din lume şi vor sa facă ceva pentru ţară, acum, într-un reportaj Din interior.