Volt Backs ‘Voters Without Borders’ Initiative

Volt Backs ‘Voters Without Borders’ Initiative

Sep 1, 2020, 5:43:01 PM UTC
Full Political Rights to all EU Citizens

Volt Backs ‘Voters Without Borders’ Initiative to Extend Full Political Rights to all EU Citizens

  • Citizens initiative launched on 1 September aims to let EU citizens participate in regional and national elections in the member state where they live
  • “Voters Without Borders” will prompt EU Commission to make a legislative proposal if it reaches 1 million signatures in 7 member states

European Citizens Initiative “Voters Without Borders

Europa – Volt, the pan-European party, is backing the European citizens’ initiative “Voters Without Borders” because it represents an important step in making the European Union a full-fledged democracy with full political rights for every adult.

The initiative, which was officially registered by the European Commission in March, will launch on 1 September with the aim of reaching 1 million signatures. If it succeeds, the Commission will be prompted to come up with legislation  to automatically recognize EU citizens as voters where they reside. Such a proposal would also serve to let them choose whether to vote in their country of residence or in their country of origin.

The current setup discriminates against the almost 18 million EU citizens who live and work in another EU member state. While those people have to pay taxes in their host country, they have no say in regional or national decision making because they are not allowed to vote or stand for election.

“We always hear about a democratic deficit within the EU“, said Reinier van Lanschot, co-president of Volt Europa. “Now, we have an opportunity to make sure that all union citizens enjoy full political rights no matter where they live. This is one hundred percent what Volt stands for, and that is why we will do everything we can to make this initiative a success.”

Volt is convinced that only a Europe that acts together can solve the challenges that its people face today and in the future. That is why Volt empowers people to change politics and unlock the continent’s potential. Since entering the European Parliament last year, Volt has also won mandates in various municipal elections in France, Bulgaria and Germany and has assumed government responsibility in the city of Munich.

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