Volt enters the national parliament in the Netherlands

Volt enters the national parliament in the Netherlands

Mar 23, 2021, 4:52:00 PM UTC
Volt enters the Dutch parliament and several city councils in Germany

Volt enters the national parliament in the Netherlands

  • Volt scores 2.4% of the total votes in the Dutch national elections.  
  • Volt enters the Dutch parliament with 3 seats.
  • Volt enters several city councils in German local elections in the federal state of Hesse.

The Hague - “We are thrilled and overwhelmed by the results we achieved at the national elections! Being a young party, running for the first time, we did not expect such enthusiasm and dedication”, says Laurens Dassen, party leader of Volt in the Netherlands.

For the first time, Volt - the progressive and pan-European movement throughout the continent - has been elected to a national parliament. With 3% of the votes, Volt enters the Dutch parliament with 3 seats (out of 150). 

"This result shows that the Dutch people believe in a better Europe. In parliament, Volt will actively bring in a true European perspective. With a nuanced message that focuses on the long term, we will work towards implementing cross-border solutions for cross-border challenges, such as climate change, security, and social inequality. "

Volt wants to use its influence in the national parliament to criticise and change the Netherlands’ traditionally frugal stance in European politics. Instead, Volt advocates for long-term solutions - such as greater solidarity between European countries, and putting an end to the Dutch tax havens. This way, the Dutch chapter of Volt plays its part in building a stronger and fairer Europe. 

Due to Covid-19, a large part of the campaigning took place online, yet this did not stop Volt’s momentum. New volunteers could easily integrate and participate in campaign efforts, and played an essential role in the campaign.

The willingness and desire to change politics and add a true European perspective to the political scene was also reflected in the German local and regional elections in the federal states of Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse last Sunday. While Volt didn’t make it into the regional parliaments due to the 5% vote threshold law in Germany, the results of the local elections in several important cities were overwhelmingly positive; with a vote share of 3.7% in Frankfurt-am-Main, Volt will gain three seats in the important financial capital of Germany, and the party had further successes in the city of Darmstadt, with 6.9% of the vote resulting in 5 seats for Volt - just two of our several achievements in these elections.

In Romania, Volt recently announced that the Bucharest Court of Appeals had approved their application for registering as a political party.

Further information: 

www.voltnederland.org | www.volteuropa.org | www.voltromania.org 

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