European solutions for the national level

Volt has defined 5 + 1 fundamental challenges that it wants to promote in each European country. The reason there are 5 + 1 challenges is that the first 5 will be the ones adapted to each national program so that they correspond to local realities, and that + 1 - our proposal for EU reform and consolidation - will be one and the same for all national programs.

If you want to get involved in adapting these policies and creating a national program, join the team!

1 | Smart State

We believe that the state can and must continuously improve and streamline public services using the most advanced and tested best practices and technologies available.

The same means can and must aim at radical transparency of the act of governing, eliminating corruption and maintaining the trust of citizens in the state, community and fellow citizens.

YouTube: Statul Inteligent

2 | Economic Renaissance

We support a dynamic economy, the engine of progress and prosperity for all, while generating global innovation, but also development opportunities where they are most needed.

Policies that can make this a reality include debureaucratization, investment in research, the real implementation of the European single market and the promotion of sustainability.

YouTube: Renașterea Economică

3 | Social Equality

We consider the right of everyone to have access to the same opportunities as other citizens and to be treated with equal dignity - regardless of economic, social, professional status, etc. or ethnic, sexual, religious or any other identity - essential for a democracy.

Volt supports proactive pro-inclusion and anti-discrimination policies to make human rights a reality.

YouTube: Egalitate Socială

4 | Global Balance

We consider the EU to be the most ambitious human development project in history and we advocate for a Union that promotes in its immediate vicinity and in the rest of the political world in accordance with its own values: open societies, security, economic development, cooperation in solving global challenges like climate change. We want to realize the real potential of Romania to contribute to this agenda.

YouTube: Echilibrul Global

5 | Citizen Empowerment

In strong, participatory and deliberative democracies, citizens can get involved and directly and frequently influence any aspect of politics, not just during elections.

The road to this goal begins with the transparency of the governing act, the elimination of bureaucratic barriers, the creation of participatory mechanisms such as citizens' assemblies and much more.

YouTube: Împuternicirea cetățenilor

+1 | EU Reform

The European Union is our common project, an unprecedented historical success that has brought peace and prosperity for decades, in the West and in the East.

For the future we want an even more democratic, united and strong Union, a federalized Union, with a leadership elected directly or by Parliament, with institutions empowered to harmonize and integrate national laws and make our common aspirations a reality.

YouTube: Reforma UE