Sign the Initiative!

Sign the Initiative!

Jun 27, 2021, 9:07:44 PM UTC

Stop Global Warming

Volt is supporting the European Citizen Initiative

We support the proposal of introducing a minimum price on CO2 emissions, starting from 50€ per CO2 ton from 2020 up to 100€ by 2025. At the same time, the proposal shall abolish the existing system of out-of-charge certification to EU polluters and introduce a border adjustment mechanism on non-EU imports, in such a way as to compensate for the lower pricing on CO2 emissions in the exporting country. The higher revenue deriving from carbon pricing shall be allocated to European policies that support energy saving and the use of renewable sources, and to the reduction of taxation on lower incomes.

Why pricing CO2?

Because it’s the best way to cut greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change. Revenue from carbon pricing will be used to cut labor taxes and to support a low-CO2 future. 

🌱 Fewer taxes and a greener world.

🌱 Carbon pricing will create new jobs and investment opportunities.

🌱 Letting greenhouse gas emission unchecked means hundreds of thousands of deaths every year in the EU and huge climate change-related costs.

Marco Cappato, along with 5000 economists and 27 Nobel laureates before him has had a pretty neat idea on how to try to save our planet. The idea is to make CO2 emissions less convenient so to shift taxes from labour to CO2 emissions. And this is how it practically works: by putting a price on carbon we're all confronted with the environmental impact of our actions. And incentivized to control our carbon output. This is no different from what we do with many things already. Think about cigarettes for example. We know they are bad for the health of smokers and those around them so we raise their price to disincentivize their use. Now...I know what you're probably thinking: And as's why.

Aside from preserving the stability of the only planet we're forced to live on for any of the foreseeable future  we can also benefit from this financially.

Think about this: government revenue comes from taxes: income tax, payroll tax, corporate tax and so forth. If a larger portion of this revenue is provided by the companies and people who most contribute to carbon emissions then a smaller portion will have to be financed by your work hence your taxable income. In other words: some things might begin costing a little more but that won't matter if you get taxed significantly less because of it. Now, we think this might be a very good way of slowing global warming down but in order for the EU to take this proposal into consideration we need your help. Through an ECI.

What is an "ECI"?

ECI stands for "European Citizens' Initiative". It's a democratic instrument that allows EU citizens to shape the Europe they want, suggesting concrete legal changes to be discussed by the Union. It's much more than a regular petition and if we can get to 1 million signatures by July the EU will be legally obligated to take our proposal into consideration and discuss it.

Sign the initiative of "Stop Global Warming" here:

Stop Global Warming