Volt Europa announces the registration of the political party in Romania

Volt Europa announces the registration of the political party in Romania

Feb 26, 2021, 5:25:19 PM UTC

Volt Europa announces the registration of the political party in Romania

  • Volt Europa, the pan-European political movement, announces registration as a political party in Romania, following the final decision of the Bucharest Court of Appeal of February 19, 2021
  • Following the registration in the register of political parties Volt Romania will become the 15th national political party in Europe associated with Volt Europe

Bucharest, Romania - Volt, the first true pan-European party, completes 12 months of judicial process and by the final decision of the Court of Appeal Bucharest on February 19, enters the Romanian political scene with the desire to change the way politics is done and to promote a progressive, pragmatic and euro-federalist agenda.

Volt Europe was born in response to anti-democratic, illiberal and populist tendencies that threaten common European values and to which existing political factions have failed to provide credible answers and alternatives. In 2017, the foundations of the new political movement were laid, and today, without funds, big names or political support, Volt is already a movement with thousands of active members and supporters in 29 European countries. Volt has already run in several rounds of elections in other European countries, with accession to the European Parliament in 2019 being the biggest success. Volt is already registered as a political party in 14 other European countries: England, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

"We believe that only a Europe working together can solve our common challenges. That is why we are delighted that Volt Romania is now officially a political party. We look forward to seeing Volt grow in Romania even more. We want to congratulate everyone in Romania. Last but not least, we thank all the Volters in Romania who have dedicated their time and energy to making this happen," said Reinier Van Lanschot, co-chair of Volt Europe.

Since 2017, Volt has been represented in Romania by an initiative group made up of Romanian citizens living in the country and abroad, as well as foreign citizens who have chosen to live in Romania. The group focused on citizens' initiatives, which involved local communities and the diaspora. Among the most notable are the participation in the protests of 2017-2018, where the "12 Days" campaign was launched to structure the civic response to the assault on the rule of law or to mobilize the diaspora in the European elections. At the same time, Volt carried out an extensive campaign to gather legislative projects feasible to be European Citizens' Initiatives addressed to the European Commission.

In January 2020, the pan-European movement officially sent the application for registration in the register of political parties to the Bucharest Tribunal. The court rejected our application in the first instance, justified by an alleged uncertain constitutionality of the transnational and progressive nature of the movement. However, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the pan-European party accepting our appeal and approved the request to establish Volt Romania as official political party.

"Volt is the fulfillment of my personal political ideals. There were times when a pan-European movement seemed ahead of time, but how could we be discouraged when we knew we were working for our common European future? I invite all Romanians in the country and in the diaspora to join us, who want to support the creation of a future for Romania and Europe, as part of a political party that can respond to the need for unity, an unprecedented state," declared Ștefan Răzvan Florea, co-founding member of the Volt Romania movement and party.

The next steps of the newly formed party include the first General Assembly and the election of the first governing body. Until then, Volt Romania will continue to function as a community and voluntary platform, in which executive roles are occupied based on volunteering, availability and expertise.

The core values of the Volt are freedom, equal opportunities and dignity, the rule of law, transparency and inclusion. Its political practice is structured by the principles of participatory democracy, implemented through a minimal-hierarchical structure and facilitated by pan-European communication and collaboration platforms. All members are guaranteed the opportunity to make a significant contribution to decision-making regardless of status or identity. The vision of the new political party is reflected by the six pillars of its political program:

  • Smart State
  • Economic Rennaisance
  • Social Equality
  • Global Balance 
  • Citizen Empowerment 
  • EU Reform

Volt Europa, as well as Volt Romania, urges the citizens of Romania to stand up and get involved in building the political party of the future: the first pan-European progressive party.

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