December Newsletter 2022

December Newsletter 2022

Dec 6, 2022, 5:47:28 PM UTC

The agenda for this edition is as follows:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Money makes the Volts go ‘round
  3. Winter holiday

Wish you an enjoyable and informative read! ( ͡o ω ͡o )

1. General Meeting

On 03.12. of this month, the members determined by vote a large part of the occupants of the party offices. We congratulate the two Co-Presidents, Mihaela Sirițanu and Ciprian Sandu, and wish them every success!
Together with the Volt România team, they have the challenge of preparing the party for the 2024 elections.

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During the event, Volt România launched a dialogue on the topic of environmental policies, together with other new green parties - ACUM, Romania ECO and ACTIV.

At the same time, our party also offered a best practice model for local politics, through the efforts of the Sibiu branch led by Axente Neagu. Together with Alexandru Găvozdea (Order of Architects of Romania) and Gabriel Popa (activist), the leader of Volt Sibiu presented the urban planning plans he wants to develop in the locality.

The full composition of the Executive Board and the Arbitration Commission can be found on our website and on social media. On this occasion, we would like to remind you that on 03. and 04. June 2023, Volt Europa will be visiting Bucharest and will hold its General Assembly here. Make a note of the date, take your holiday and be there!
03.06. and 04.06. - Volt EUROPA in BUCUREȘTI

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2. Money makes the Volts go ‘round

Good things take time, but also money. In 2022 we managed to take a number of important steps together. We created the first Party Political Manifesto, we created a strategy for the 2024 elections, we managed to professionalise the Party’s communication by signing a first service contract, and we managed to bring the Volt Europe General Assembly to Bucharest in 2023! To achieve these goals, we raised € 6.000 in donations** from internal teams.

But this is just the beginning. In 2023, our goals will be to expand our fundraising efforts in order to hire more people in the areas of administration and communication, to develop a political election program and to organize more thematic events and civic campaigns to expand the visibility of the party! For example, when we heard about Austria’s unfair veto in the JAI Council, we immediately set to work, together with our colleagues in Volt Europe, to adopt a common position. We’re small, but we’re putting as much pressure as we can, and campaigning for a more united and stronger Europe 💪 (find out more about the initiative HERE. To make such actions even more visible, but also to make sure we have progressive and pro-European politicians in parliament, defending human rights principles and promoting measures for a decent living, we need an even greater effort.

Unfortunately, the legislation massively disadvantages small parties. All the subsidies go to parliamentary parties, and the newly-established ones get nothing but stick. We need you to run some amazing projects in the new year, including political education shows, events to increase civic-mindedness and diversity, and a podcast to make the Volt values heard** - reducing social inequality, transitioning to a green future, increasing inclusive political participation and strengthening the European project.

It’s not long until the 2024 elections, and at this point any help can make a huge impact. In about a year’s time, Volt will participate in the first European elections. **The more people get involved and the more donations we receive, the greater the chances of success!

Download this DONATION CONTRACT, fill it in with your details, sign it and send it to us. You can then transfer the amount you have mentioned in it.

You can also donate by redirecting 20% of your income tax until 25 December.

Only together we can get the extremist politicians out of the Romanian and European Parliament!

Thank you in advance!

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3. Winter break

While the Executive Board will take a break of only 14 days, from 23.12. to 04.01., we recommend that all other Volteri rest between 17.12. and 08.01..
We look forward to seeing you with new energy in 2023!

May the Volts be with you!