October Newsletter 2022

October Newsletter 2022

Oct 16, 2022, 4:42:52 PM UTC

We are happy to present you the autumn newsletter!

As usual, the newsletter will be bilingual, first the Romanian version and then the English version.

The agenda of this edition is as follows:

  1. XXL General Assemblies
  2. Become a member
  3. Outsourced Communication / Fundraising
  4. Volt ROU Manifest

We wish you an enjoyable and informative read! ( ͡o ω ͡o )

1. XXL General Assemblies

Direct member participation is the order of the day at Volt. On the one hand, through the various teams and projects in the daily work routine, but also through voting in general meetings.

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Other parties usually give their members the opportunity to elect delegates. Once every 4 years.
In Volt, members meet at least once a year for general meetings and vote on all crucial party issues.

And over the next few months, these will come in double shots:
Volt România will hold its Assembly in Sibiu in early December.

And exactly 6 months later, the whole of Europe will come to Romania:
Volt Europa will hold its Assembly in Bucharest!

Mark both dates in your calendar, because you can attend these events even if you are not a Volt member. A great opportunity to get to know the party!

03./04.12.2022 - Volt ROMÂNIA in SIBIU
03./04.06.2023 - Volt EUROPA in BUCHAREST

2. Become a member

Do you already know Volt and have you registered as a supporter on the website or have you been thinking about becoming a member for a while?

Then now is the right time!
At the December meeting, the new executive board of Volt România will be elected, which will prepare the party for the 2024 elections and lead it through this exciting period!

Do you want to take responsibility yourself and run for office or nominate the right people for the job?
Become a member and take part in the decision-making process!

Volt wants to make sure that all voting members have enough time to familiarize themselves with the candidates and the issues that will be voted on at the Assembly.

Therefore, the current Executive Board has set Tuesday, October 25, as the deadline for accepting applications for membership, which will be processed prior to the Assembly and will entitle members to vote and stand for election on 03. and 04.12.

Our young party needs your energy and involvement and we hope that you too will want to decide its future or even assume a leadership position.
We are equally happy for the passive members who, through their contributions and donations, make the actions of the active members possible.

To become a member of Volt România, please follow these steps:

3. Outsourced Communication / Fundraising

Have you already noticed the change?

For the past few days, posts have been appearing regularly on Volt’s social media channels. That’s because we recently signed a professional communications contract.

This is a huge achievement for our small party!
Some of our members dug deep into their pockets to provide the money for this initiative.

We would be delighted if you would support us financially so that we can maintain and perhaps even expand the project in the coming months.

Apart from communication, there are other areas where we would like to hire people or sign service contracts to build the party more professionally and effectively.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us at sg.romania@volteuropa.org. Or become a member and support us with your monthly contribution.

4. Volt România - Manifesto

At the beginning of October, we took an important step for Volt Romania’s political positioning:
The draft Manifesto, which will be voted on by the Assembly in December, was presented in its final form.

The document is a cornerstone for the development of political programmes, including electoral programmes for the upcoming elections.

Do you identify with Volt ideals?
Then you can become a Volt member, so that together we can build a more sustainable Romania in a united and strong Europe.

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