Newsletter May 2021

Newsletter May 2021

May 15, 2021, 9:07:17 AM UTC

Dear Volters,

We are happy to present the fourth Newsletter of 2021 to you!

In this edition of our Newsletter, we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. Europe Week
  2. Volt Europa Concert
  3. Bigg Quartet Concert for Volt Romania
  4. Incoming GA

We wish you a happy and informative reading!

  1.  Europe Week

 A week ago, Volt Romania celebrated Europe Day by turning one day into an interesting and fun week that all Volt colleagues from all corners of Europe worked on and that we hope everyone has enjoyed.

The week kicked off with "European Cities": learn about Europe's cities activity in which Volt offered all the willing ones  to present their city in 5 minutes. And you didn't disappoint! The event was a success thanks to the involvement of all the wonderful people who described their city in a unique way.

On Tuesday we had a very tasty event "Cooking with EU"  where our colleagues Ivan, Xenia and Pietro showed you how to cook Catalan Cream and discussed European cuisine and politics. 

Wednesday was a day full of laughter at the European Tongues where our colleagues had to guess different words from other languages.

On Thursday, the general culture of participants was put to the test by a cheerful and comical game by Kahoot! at Purple Pub Quiz

And finally Friday, the last day of this busy week, was cheered up by the pan-European Meet meet on Discord where the Romanian team could not miss ;)

  1.  Concertul Volt Europa

Our colleague, Christian Macedonschi, organized a wonderful classical music concert where the European and the Romanian anthem was sung in an impeccable way on the occasion of Europe Day. The event was held in Brasov, in St. John's Square, near an anti-covid vaccination centre. According to a person who got vaccinated that very day, the music managed to calm the emotions of even the most scared or insecure ones. 

  1.  Bigg Quartet Concert for Volt Romania

Our friends at the "Bigg Quartet" answered the question "what does the European Union mean to you?" in an original way, music🎶. They sang the anthem of Europe in a deliciously harmonious way that would make even the most stern man weep. This video is also the first video from the Youtube Volt Romania channel

  1. Incoming GA

This event is very important for Volt Romania.It represents the first step towards becoming an official party and voting on the most important regulations in order to start functioning as the parts which will bring the change. In order to participate in the first GA, members of Volt Europa working in the Romanian team were asked to hand in their applications as members of Volt Romania until the 16th of may.

Of course, we will keep you up to date with what is happening through this newsletter, but also on our social media accounts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

And don't forget the old adage: Sharing is caring!

With best wishes, stay healthy!

Team Volt România