Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter April 2021

Mar 31, 2021, 9:13:24 AM UTC

Dear Volters,

We are happy to present the third Newsletter of 2021 to you!

In this edition of our Newsletter, we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. The Policy Process
  2. The Strategy Workshop
  3. Election results in the Netherlands and Germany
  4. New Members

We wish you a happy and informative reading!

  1. The Policy Process

Although our Policy team is on the right track, we would appreciate some new Challenge Facilitators so that we may start the official policy process as soon as we can. 

Each of our 5+1 policy challenges will have at least one facilitator taking care of any given topic, so if you want to become active in the Policy team - where you would be able to have important roles such as taking part in developing new political initiatives, helping our members navigate the political process more easily, guaranteeing the quality of policies, and taking into account all the activities that are related to your given challenge - then we would encourage you to step in and help out, and you may get started by sending an email to .

  1. The Strategy Workshop

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the strategy workshop was rescheduled for Saturday the 10th of April, as the two facilitators of the event come from the Netherlands - and as you can imagine, the workload following the Dutch national elections of the 17th of March was high. 

Anyone who is registered as an active member is invited to participate in this workshop.

Volt Romania is gaining momentum - together, let’s get going and plan out the road to 2024!

  1. Election Results in the Netherlands and Germany

Just two weeks ago on the 17th of March 2021, Volt Nederland participated in the Dutch general election - we are very proud to announce that Volt has entered a national parliament for the very first time, a true milestone for the party!

With 2.4% of the vote, we gained 3 Seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, with Laurens Dassen, Nilüfer Gündoğan and Ernst Boutkan entering the House as official representatives of Volt.

Here are just some of the places where Volt Nederlands performed very well: 

6% vote share in Amsterdam

6.7% vote share in Utrecht

7.5% vote share in Delft

6.4% vote share in Leiden

8% vote share in Wageningen

Three days earlier on the 14th of March, Volt Deutschland took part in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg state election as well as the Hessian local elections. We recorded more amazing results, with Volt Deutschland entering the governments of various cities in the region. We would like to share some of these well-earned results:

1.0% vote share in the Rhineland-Palatinate - under the 5% threshold 

0.5% vote share in Baden-Württemberg - under the 5% threshold

3.7% vote share in Frankfurt - 4 Seats

3.8% vote share in Wiesbaden - 3 Seats

6.88% vote share in Darmstadt - 5 Seats

1.8% vote share in Gießen - 1 Seat

2.26% vote share in Fulda - 1 Seat

3.94% vote share in Heusenstamm - 2 Seats

Our victories were even noticed on the other side of the Atlantic, with the New York Times publishing an article on Volt. We can hardly believe this - and we are so amazed and proud of our fellow Volters in the Netherlands and Germany for their phenomenal success!

Of course, we'll keep you up to date with what's happening in Volt with this newsletter, as well as on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts!

And don't forget the old saying: Sharing is caring!

  1. New Members

The last few weeks have been incredibly lively, and our party has been invigorated thanks to the influx of new members and the establishment of new functional teams. We welcome all the fantastic people who have chosen to become our colleagues and we are ecstatic to see so many amazing and motivated new Volters in every online meeting. It has been a real pleasure to meet every single one of our new members and we look forward to achieving so much more in the future!

With best wishes, stay healthy!

Team Volt România