Newsletter January 2021

Newsletter January 2021

Feb 3, 2021, 10:26:46 AM UTC

We are happy to present the first Newsletter for 2021 to you!

In this edition of our Newsletter we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. Party foundation
  2. Strategy process
  3. Monthly Meet & Greet
  4. Social media campaign - Vaccination
  5. Collaboration with Vișinel at Joița

We wish you a joyful and informative reading!

  1. Party foundation

Our last session at the Court of Appeal took place on January 15th.

Prior to this session we had handed in a declaration on behalf of Volt Europa AISBL, explaining the relation between the AISBL and the future political party Volt România, as well as a statement set up by our colleague and legal expert Codrin, in which he explained in detail, why the prosecutor of the Public Ministry’s argument on Volt România not being an independent organisation is wrong.

The Court declared to publish its decision on 28.01., but  we waited in vain on that very day, staring at our screens constantly refreshing the web browser, as the decision was delayed until 12.02.

  1. Strategy process

In order to identify our common targets and to align the efforts of our team accordingly, we will start a strategy process this spring.

This process will be conducted by designated colleagues from the european level and starts on Saturday, 06.03., at 16:00 EET. Estimated time for this event is about 3 hours.

We would like to invite all of you, who are enlisted as active members in our team, to benefit from the occasion to participate and shape Volt România’s short and medium term activities.
If you consider that Volt shall play an important role in Romanian and European politics, register for the event and give your input!

  1. Monthly Meet & Greet

After we had finished the long and busy months of electoral campaigning we organized an online Meet & Greet on 11th of December. As we had a lot of fun meeting new people interested in Volt and talking about Europe and Volt, we decided to continue with this kind of events on a regular basis.

On Friday, 29.01., we had our first M&G of 2021 and chose to repeat it on every last Friday of the month from now on!
Each of these events will start at 20:00 EET on Google Meet.

Please spread the news about this opportunity to get in touch with us and to learn more about Volt and our amazing little team. We will of course announce these events on our social media channels, so keep your notifications turned on and share the events as soon as they are published!

We know: most of you don’t have the time to get directly involved in our work, but supporting us by spreading the news about our activities and events would already serve as an amazing contribution to Volt’s cause!

  1. Social media campaign - Vaccination

Most of you might have already noticed:

We recently started a series on “SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 and vaccinations” on our social media channels.

This series is a result of 2 weeks work of 3 of our members and 2 external experts from the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

In case you missed the series, here are the links to the starting posts:




Don’t forget the old saying: Sharing is caring! 

Still, creating your own content is one of the most difficult things, especially for such a small team like ours.

Facts have to be cross checked, all three versions of our publishing languages need checking and if possible, everything shall happen as quickly as possible. Besides that, of course everyone involved has other duties in our team as well. And as we’ve been told, some of us apparently seem to have a private and professional life as well - so our capacity is limited.

In case you love writing or commenting on current events, feel free to contribute to our Social Media platforms with your articles! We will take care of the language and the graphical parts. You just have to send us your content contribution - whether in Romanian, English or German language.

If it fits our values and policies, we will post it!

  1. Collaboration with Vișinel at Joița

We want to invest a significant part of our energy this year in the cooperation with Vișinel in Joița.

In case you don’t remember: Vișinel was elected as independent local councilor in the community of Joița, close to Bucharest.

Since Visinel, with its demand for a transparent, efficient and citizen-oriented local administration, is viewed as an undesirable foreign body in the municipal council, all of his proposals have so far been blocked without even being discussed in the council meetings.

Not only that, Vișinel is also being attacked and harassed on a private level, in some cases there are apparently threats of physical violence.

We will try to support Vișinel in different areas.
First and foremost, we will try to draw attention to his situation via (social) media. In addition, we will try to support him in collecting signatures, since he wants to use the means of citizens' initiatives in order to force the council to debate his proposals.

Ideally, he would be supported with primarily legal and administrative research. However, this would require larger sums of money to employ either a law firm or a person on a part-time basis. We are in the process of determining the required finance to make this possible and in the following are going to start a fundraising campaign at a given time.

We hope that you all had a good start into 2021 and even more we hope that this year will allow us to meet with you personally again!

With best wishes, stay healthy!

Team Volt România