Newsletter December 2020

Newsletter December 2020

Dec 6, 2020, 11:09:10 AM UTC

We are happy to present the final Newsletter for 2020 to you!

In this edition of our Newsletter we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. Results of general elections
  2. Our road in 2020
  3. Our steps in 2021
  4. “End of year” party on Saturday, 19.12.2020

We wish you a joyful and informative reading!

  1. Results of general elections

There are several sad news regarding the outcome of the national elections of 06.12.2020.

First of all the fact that, as of today, none of the two independent candidates supported by us (Ștefan Costin Zamfir-Ignat in Suceava and Ovidiu-Ioan Rațiu in Bistrița-Năsăud) managed to get the needed amount of votes for a mandate.

Our support was quite substantial:  several of our members spent about 10 days altogether in Suceava and Bistrița during the electoral campaign, helping to put up posters and to hand out flyers. The general feedback from people we were talking to was usually positive; the main problem was that, due to the lack of volunteers and financial resources to run costly (social) media campaigns, the number of people reached was limited.
So we had to realize: it is almost impossible for citizens to succeed in elections as independent candidates.
There are a lot of things to talk about how campaigns and elections in our opinion should look like. And we will talk about that in the future, in order to create the possibility for independent candidates as well as for small parties to get the same chances in elections as any other competitor.

The second sad fact to mention is the low turnout of 32% in the elections. Quite probably the actual sanitary situation contributed to this historical low rate; the turnout rate in the general elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016 oscillated around the low rate of 40% representing already an unsatisfying figure, but  together with the current 32% turnout it indicates the big gap between national politics and politicians and the society.

The third fact is not just sad, it is worrying. Founded just one year ago, the party AUR (Alliance for the Unity of Romanians) managed to obtain 9%.
Please take your time to read their program to really understand why we consider it worrying. It is the opposite of what Volt stands for!
And they are, with their recent success, some big steps ahead of us.
It shall now be clear to every freedom loving person that it is time to get politically active in order to defend the hardly obtained liberties within the last 30 years!

  1. Our road in 2020

No matter what the recent outcomes of the elections are, we ourselves can look back on a busy year. We managed to do some small steps in 2020 - here is a short overview about what our tiny team managed to achieve in 2020:

  • January 2020: Retreat at Timișoara with passing of final Statute and decision to found Volt România as political party.
  • Establishing a stable core team covering the most important tasks.
  • Establishment of the core policies of Volt Romania such as the proposals on the intelligent administration, agriculture and LGBTIQ+ rights.
  • Putting up a well working external communication on social media, our homepage, a monthly newsletter and the Country Month event in October.
  • Being more present in the Romanian Society through our Meet&Greet events.
  • Supporting independent candidates in local and general elections.

It doesn’t seem much on a first glance, but one has to take in consideration that during 2020 Volt România on average consisted of not more than a dozen people, of which some were more, some less actively involved. And as there was some fluctuation during the last 12 month we consider it especially important that we finally managed to establish a core team of 6-7 people, which  have been fulfilling their responsibilities and thus granting a stable development since a couple of months.

  1. Our steps in 2021

For the next year we have the following basic aims: 

  • Finalizing the party registration.
  • Finalizing our policy development.
  • Growing our external communication and further expanding our team.

Of course the most important subject is still the founding of the party. In the session of 20.11.2020 the judges requested more details about what Volt Europa is and in which relation it is going to be with Volt România. The next session will be on 15.01.2021  and we hope that, after almost a year of process, we will finally be recognized as a political party.

No matter what the outcome of the party registration in January will be, we will continue to develop our core policies. We identified about 20 topics, some of which a few have already been precized more detailed and are now waiting to get developed into actual policies.

Of course, we also intend to further grow. Slowly but steadily.
In order to prepare for our long term target, the participation at the elections to the European Parliament in 2024, we need a little bit more of Volt power. 

  1. “End of year” - party 

As we will have our winter holidays from 19.12.2020 - 10.01.2021, we start these holidays with our “End of the year” party.
This event will take place on Saturday, 19.12.2020, at 19:00 EET.

We would like to invite you to be with us and have a relaxing evening! Please join us on Discord following this LINK!

In case that we do not meet each other at our party, we would like to wish you a quiet and peaceful winter break. May you stay healthy and may you recover some energy and spend the holidays with your beloved ones!

With best wishes, 

Team Volt România