Newsletter October 2020

Newsletter October 2020

Oct 29, 2020, 11:05:24 AM UTC

We are happy to present to you the Newsletter for October 2020!

In this edition of our Newsletter we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. General elections
  2. Country month for October: Romania
  3. Communication co-lead
  4. Party registration process 

We wish you a joyful and informative reading!

  1. General elections on 06.12.2020

As we decided to not participate with our own candidates in the upcoming elections, we identified an independent candidate, which we consider suitable for the mandate as Deputy, and we are supporting:

Ștefan Costin Zamfir-Ignat, also known as domnul ICS!

Watch his inspiring video on YouTube

Costin is running in the electoral constituency of Suceava for a mandate in the Chamber of Deputies.

We already supported Costin during the campaign of collecting signatures.

Posts on Volt ROU’s social media platforms during the campaign of collecting signatures for Costin gained an outstanding reach and remarkable engagement. Most of them by a factor of ten to thirty times more than our usual reach!

So, supporting him represents a big opportunity for Volt ROU to gain visibility and transport its policy topics!
But, of course, not only due to this advantage we do support him.  We are convinced that he will be a worthy deputy and will contribute to that kind of development in Romania, which Volt România is working towards as well!

We support Costin mainly with juridical advices, design and social media visibility. But as we exhausted ourselves financially with the campaign for the local elections a couple of weeks ago, we cannot support him at one of the core points needed: Money.
Money to print flyers, finance social media campaigns and to cover costs for traveling through his area of activity.

For further information you can access his Facebook profil Ignat Ștefan Costin
This is the platform where you can donate to:

So, give yourself a push and support him with a donation! And with spreading the word about him on all channels you have at your disposal!
By doing so, you also help Volt România.

  1. Country month: Romania

On 28.10. we had our final event of the thematic month about Romania and Volt România. About 15 people, as well colleagues of Volt Europa and people that are not (yet) members of Volt, participated. Together with our guests we had a lot of fun, especially with the quiz, but also fruitful discussions.

During the whole month of October we published interesting and funny facts about Romania in every single day and a total of 9 parts about 3 important topics for the romanian society, which you can find on our website:

- Diaspora / Free movement of people
- Love is love / LGBTIQ+
- Agriculture

  1. Communication co-lead

Since Roxana joined a few months ago, we were finally able to establish our presence on various social media platforms. Some European colleagues believe that behind the considerable activity of the Romanian team in terms of communication there must be a group of people. However, most of the work is done by Roxana alone!

We therefore consider ourselves a puffer fish in terms of our appearance in social media :)

In the future, we would like to relieve Roxana on the one hand and further expand our public relations work on the other.

We are therefore looking for support for Roxana as Communication lead with immediate effect.

You can find a detailed description on our homepage, but  briefly summarized these are the basic requirements:

  • You have experience with different Social Media platforms
  • You have a talent for writing original, relevant, entertaining content, either in Romanian, English or German
  • You’re good at interacting with people in a polite and captivating way
  • You’re creative as well as organized (yes, sounds contradictory, right?)
  • You have basic design skills and are able to adapt the Volt CI for all of our communications
  • You’re eager to change the world - ok ok, we’ll start with Romania and Europe!

We look forward to receiving your application, even if you do not fulfill all the requirements. Most important is that you can develop a big portion of enthusiasm! 

  1. Party registration process 

In the mid of October we finally received news about our first session which will be held on 20.11.2020 at the Court of Appeal Bucharest.
We are optimistic that our application will be granted in this instance and that we will be able to start in the year 2021 with a brand new party :)!

That’s it for today, we wish you to stay healthy, that things go smoothly for you and we would be very happy to meet you soon again, online but also in person!

Team Volt România