Newsletter September 2020

Newsletter September 2020

Sep 29, 2020, 9:57:32 AM UTC

We are happy to present to you the Newsletter for September 2020!

In this edition of our Newsletter we will inform you about the following topics:

  1. Success in local elections

1.1. Vișinel Balan

1.2. Volt Deutschland

  1. European Citizens Initiative “Voters Without Borders”
  2. Political Program
  1. Country month October: Romania
  1. Party registration process 

We wish you a joyful and informative reading!

  1. Success in local elections

1.1. Vișinel did it!


Not for mayor, as the recent holder of office got reelected for his 5th mandate, but Vișinel managed to reach a respectable second place.

His success lies in getting elected with superior ease into the local council!!

We are more than happy that there are so many people in the community of Joița who believe in Vișinel and we would like to congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts for his success!

Hard weeks full of work are behind you Vișinel, but 4 years full of challenges lie ahead of you now. We from Volt România will continue supporting you where it is within our possibilities.

The detailed results:

Candidate MayorPartyVotes
Candidates Local CouncilVotes

1.2. Local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany

Our colleagues of Volt NRW / Deutschland managed to gain a total of 16 seats in 7 local councils during local elections on 13.09.2020.
They obtained remarkable results like 5% in the former capital of Bonn and as well 5% in Köln, 3% in Siegen, and 3,7% in Aachen!

These are promising and motivating results! Congratulations!

  1. European Citizens Initiative “Voters Without Borders”

On 01.09.2020 an European Citizens Initiative (ECI) was started by an NGO with the same name: “Voters Without Borders”.

PICTURE 2 ECI Voters Without Borders

About 16 million Europeans living abroad in other EU states without having the citizenship of the very country they’re living in are not able to execute their civil rights of participating in national and presidential elections there, even if they fully contribute to the society like the native citizens.

The ECI “Voters Without Borders” wants to grant EU citizens living in another EU country the choice whether to vote in the country of origin or in the one they reside in.

As the aim of this ECI is absolutely in the interest of Volt, we became an official partner and encourage every european citizen to support this ECI.

Within one year we need to get 1 million signatures from 7 different EU countries!
Please do your part and sign right now at the official homepage of the European Union

  1. Political Program

Not only in preparation for our participation in the general elections on 06.12.2020 but also to sharpen our profile in the political landscape, our Policy team around Ionuț Lăcustă was working for quite a while on the extension of our Political Program.

During October there will take place several meetings and workshops, in which we will discuss and finally decide upon our new set of policies.

10 of these core policies we will present to you during a series on our Facebook page throughout the next months.

Of course there are still a lot of areas we do not have policies developed for… so in case you would like to shape the future policies of Volt România: join us and get involved!

  1. Country month October: Romania

Together with our colleagues from the EUR Expansion team we are preparing a presentation for our European colleagues about Romania and the team of Volt România during October.

Of course we will also have different posts connected to these events on our Facebook page and the whole series of events will culminate in a public event on Volt Europa’s Discord server on Wednesday, 28.10.2020, 19:00 - 20:00 CEST.

The event will be held in English. We hope to meet you there! :)

  1. Party registration process 

September passed and nothing happened regarding our registration as a political party. The București Tribunal invoked that there are too many dossiers at the moment, so that they are only allowed to transmit a limited amount of dossiers to the Court of Appeal.

A couple of days ago we received the news that our case finally arrived at the Court of Appeal and we therefore hope that we will have our first session there during October.

*We wish you to stay healthy, that things go smoothly for you and we would be very happy to meet you soon again, online but also in person!*

###  Team Volt România