Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter August 2020

Aug 20, 2020, 9:49:42 AM UTC

We are happy to present to you the Newsletter for August 2020!

Pre-campaign finished

Until 18.08. we did have the chance to collect enough signatures for our nominated candidates Nicu-Mihail Tănase and Cornelia-Florina German, for mayor and local councilor of Sector 6, Bucharest. A total of at least 1.600 signatures would have been required to register their candidacy and to allow them to run for the desired offices.


We managed to collect around 200 signatures. Sounds a bit few at the first glance. But taking in consideration that we could rely only on about a dozen people during the pre-campaign, we consider it an acceptable result.
During the last week of the pre-campaign we managed to develop our own method for collecting signatures online, but sadly this was too late to make a major impact on the total number of signatures.


No matter the result, this campaign was the best training we could have! The feeling of being and working together physically again after months was great and we gathered valuable experience, which we for sure will be able to apply at other future campaigns!

Or as Master Yoda may say: I sense, powerful the spirit in Volt România is!

Electoral campaign

But as you may remember from the last Newsletter, we also announced the support of Vișinel Balan.
He managed to collect the needed signatures and is going to run for the function of mayor and local councilor for Joița, a community located close to Bucharest in Giurgiu county.


Volt will support Vișinel with all forces and tools possible! If you consider Vișinel worth to get your support during the electoral campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us via
We will go out together on various occasions with Vişinel in the electoral campaign between 28.08. - 26.09., and if you want, you can join!

If you want to know more about Vişinel's goals, check out his governing program on Facebook.

Political party Volt România

Finally we received the motivation for the reasoning for the court’s judgment.
You can access the document HERE.

The short summary is: due to the fact that we mentioned that members of Volt România will participate at some councils of Volt Europa AISBL, the court doubts that Volt România will militate to respect for the national sovereignty, independence and unity Romania, its territorial integrity, the rule of law and the principles of constitutional democracy.

We already handed in the appeal to this decision and will keep you informed about the progression.

Future activities

First of all we would like to invite you to our “End of pre-campaign” event on Tuesday, 01.09.2020, 19:00 - 20:30 EEST!
As we can’t have a proper “End of pre-campaign Party” for COVID reasons, we would still like to share some time with you guys and maybe some new interested folks! So we decided to have the party online.
During this meeting we will make a short summary about the experiences gathered during the pre-campaign (don’t be afraid, we won’t bore you to death!). And after that we will continue with a casual event, in which you can talk to us about everything you want to.
About soccer, Volt or weather: we will have an answer to everything ;) !

If you would like to join our little aftermath party, you can access the meeting HERE. From there we will guide you to our online part location. Prepare yourself some beer and have a relaxing purple evening!

New members

We managed to “capture” two more members:

Codrin Timu - Born and raised in Romania he was adopted by Germany. He is into research in the legal domain at the University of Konstanz. His contributions are very welcome! 

As we all know, almost every matter of life is connected to laws and legal issues… the only thing not being treated by laws until now is breathing the air around us…  are there any other exceptions, Codrin?? :)
Georg Mensing - a member of Volt Europa and Volt Germany since 2018, he recently decided to help us with organisation and strategy. Just to make you aware of the importance of his participation: he does not have any connections to Romania, not even visited our lovely country yet, but as we are a pan-european party, he stepped up to help us!
Great to have you with us, Georg!