Newsletter July 2020

Newsletter July 2020

Jul 26, 2020, 9:45:42 AM UTC

As we recently decided to inform you every month about our activities and the latest news, here we go for the Newsletter for 07.2020!

Go out, get involved, do politics!

On Friday, 31.07., we will officially start collecting signatures for our candidates for the local elections on 27.09.2020 and during Saturday and Sunday, 01./02.08. we all will be out on the streets to collect signatures!

Who are they?

Nicu-Mihail Tănase wants to run for mayor and Cornelia-Florina German for local councilor, both for Sector 6, Bucharest! 

Besides our two Volt Romania members, there is another independent candidate who has won our trust and therefore we decided to support his candidacy for Joița, a community located in Giurgiu county. His name is Vișinel Bălan.
Vișinel is a candidate for both mayor and councilor.

They will run as independent candidates, supported by Volt Europa. And guess what: we could need your help for collecting signatures and hopefully, after successfully registering their candidacies, as well for the electoral campaign!

Fortunately, for Visinel, the team already has this covered, so, no help will be needed for the collection of signatures. But for our candidates in Bucharest, we only have time until 17.08. to collect about 1.600 signatures for EACH of them! And of course only from citizens from Sector 6.

So, every single one of us can make the difference to help to get our first public mandates and start implementing our ideas and solutions of Volt Europa for the benefit of the citizens!

If you are from outside Bucharest and want to help but need a place to stay, we will try to find accommodation at one of our colleagues.

Of course, under the given circumstances, we will provide you with masks and every team on the streets will get disinfectant materials.

Please contact us via our e-mail address to get more detailed information about how and when you can help. We count on you because only together we can make a change.

Political party Volt România

In February we handed in our request for registration of Volt România as a political party.
Sadly the court decided to reject our application on 09.07. and not even until today did we receive the explanation for the decision via mail, so we can not even tell you why exactly this decision was made! 

The short explanation that can be found on the court’s homepage is: “unfounded”.

We are very curious about the actual reasons and if it is not the case that we made some major mistakes in drafting the statutes, we will make an appeal to this decision, that is for sure.

As a result, Nicu and Cornelia have to run as independent candidates and you can imagine that this decision handicaps a bit our electoral campaign, but even if so, we don’t consider this a major setback.

We are truly convinced that we will start the year 2021 already as a registered party!

Future activities

Our small but motivated and efficient team worked a lot during the last months. From finishing the statutes and starting the process of registering the party to creating a new homepage and having regular communication mainly via Facebook and Newsletters. There was also a lot of work done that is not visible to someone from the outside.

We asked you for help for the electoral campaign, but for sure we would be very glad to welcome you as a permanent active member in our team!

“Why? You are so small, even if I participate, the impact is quite marginal”, you may ask.

True, our impact on society is still almost nonexistent, but if you join now, you have one huge advantage: you can have a big influence on the way Volt România, as well as Volt Europa, are organised and what their politics are about. For sure there are not many parties in Romania and definitively no other pan-European party, where your work would have so much impact!

So, we would be happy if you also would think about getting active permanently, as the next step will be to try to participate as well at the parliamentary elections at the end of 2020! 

New members

During the last weeks and months some more new members joined us so that we would like to welcome:

Anca Dimulescu
Andrei Dimulescu

Henry Páll Wulff
Marcel Severin
Marra van der Kubbe 

Radu Seserman

Răzvan Popescu

Roxana Schwind

Stay healthy, take care of yourself and everyone around us and we would love to see you soon, in person or online!

Team Volt România