We are a team of dreamers

who work ambitiously in order to improve Romania and Europe.

We are a group of professionals from different fields, from almost all age categories, but especially a group of people extraordinarily passionate about Romania and our continent.

Currently, more than 70% of our members have never been part of a political party before joining Volt.

We are a movement that aims to achieve real reforms through the contribution of those who care about the future of European countries: people like you.

We are truly open - anyone who adheres to our values can join. What we all share is the passion to try to change things ourselves.

Together. For Romania - for Europe

Join us now! Feel the vibe of being not only part of a national party, but of a paneuropean community! Get in touch with people from all over Europe who share the same dream. Share your own vision and learn the best practices from each other in order to make Romania an even better place and create a new Europe, where “borders” is just a word.

Our Romanian team is multilingual and, besides Romanian, we also speak English and German.

If not now,

then when?


Ştefan Florea



I was studying in the US during the period of rising nationalism, culminating with the 2016 elections. Later on, while I was working for the Secretary of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, the first country was leaving the EU.

Thus, I became more aware of the challenges facing the European Union and which need an immediate approach.
At the same time, traveling around the world, I realized how rare is what we have at home, in Romania and in Europe.

That's why I decided to get involved and together with Volt to defend, promote and improve all these values ​​at a time when they are being questioned more than ever.


Cristina Săracu



I am an active fighter for equal opportunities and social inclusion and I strongly believe in the value of multiculturalism and diversity of opinions.

I happily discovered in Volt a political organisation, whose values I share and, since standing aside was never one of my strong points, I decided to get involved. My wish is to be able to contribute to a higher awareness of a community’s own power and to promote inclusion and diversity of opinions as a source of progress.
I believe that acting by the european values represents our opportunity to change the society we are living in.


Alexandru Micu

Executive Board Member



Andrei Ropcian

Executive Board Member



Mihaela Tăut

Executive Board Member



Diana Oltean

Executive Board Member



Marra van der Kubbe

Executive Board Member



Nicu Tănase

Deputy Board Member



Leonid Tică

Deputy Board Member



Remus Grecu

General Secretary



Bogdan Bâra