We are a team of dreamers

who work ambitiously in order to improve Romania and Europe.

We are professionals and people looking for a new occupation, experts and students, young and not so young ones, but basically a group of people extraordinarily passionate about Romania and our continent.

Currently, more than 70% of our members have never been part of a political party before joining Volt.

We are a movement that aims to achieve real reforms through the contribution of those who care about the future of European countries: people like you.

We are truly open - anyone who adheres to our values can join. What we all share is the passion to try to change things ourselves.

Together. For Romania - for Europe

Join us now! Feel the vibe of being not only part of a national party, but of a paneuropean community! Get in touch with people from all over Europe who share the same dream. Share your own vision and learn the best practices from each other in order to make Romania an even better place and create a new Europe, where “borders” is just a word.

Our Romanian team is multilingual and, besides Romanian, we also speak English and German.

If not now,

then when?

Why did we join Volt?



Country Co-Lead

The rising nationalism not only in Europe, the radical right becoming stronger and gaining significant ground among people, the urgency to do something about the climate crisis - all this supported my wish to get politically active again.

Volt Europa, as the only true pan-European movement with chapters in pretty much every country provided me a new political home combining environmental protection and social equality with a strong stand for European federalism.

What better fit for European Citizens could there be?



Expansion Lead

I’ve always been interested in politics, however I never felt connected to any political party, up until I saw Volt. 

Volt is strong, progressive, energetic and pragmatic. We are here for a change for the future, and we will provide a future like no other party has done. 

This is why I joined Volt.



Treasurer Volt Europa

I decided to get involved in Volt because the problems we are facing have no borders and the only solution is to build a stronger and more united Europe.

Influenced by the precarious political situation in both Romania and the Republic of Moldova, where I was born, I decided a long time ago that I cannot remain passive while others make decisions that have an impact on my life and those around me. That is why I became Treasurer of Volt Europa, in order to be able to influence the structure, organization and direction of a new and young party - a party of the future.



General Secretary

As a person who grew up in Germany and has been living in Romania for many years now, I know the advantages of the EU very well.

I would like to maintain and expand these advantages for other people.
Where better to do this than in a political movement that has been practicing european cooperation from its very start and is working together with people from all across the continent for the benefit of all European citizens?



Communication Lead

I've been considering getting politically active for some years, but I have never found a party to fully represent what I am and how I imagined politics should be done. 

I wanted more Europe, more environmental protection, more social equality, more science based decisions, more international cooperation. 

Then one day, I heard about Volt, decided to join and instantly felt at home here!



Country Co-Lead

I was studying in the US during the period of rising nationalism, culminating with the 2016 elections. Later on, while I was working for the Secretary of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, the first country was leaving the EU. Thus, I became more aware of the challenges facing the European Union and which need an immediate approach. At the same time, traveling around the world, I realized how rare is what we have at home, in Romania and in Europe.

That's why I decided to get involved and together with Volt to defend, promote and improve all these values ​​at a time when they are being questioned more than ever.



Co-Founder Volt România
Policy Lead

I decided to co-found Volt in 2017, when European progress turned out to be fragile and reversible in Romania and across the EU. 
I lived in radically different parts of the country and of the world, some full of opportunity and some bereft, and I believe progress is always possible and ultimately up to us - the citizens. By choosing how we affirm and live our freedoms, how we treat others, how we elect and hold accountable our representatives, what precedents our everyday actions set, we decide whether we live in a totalitarian nightmare, an everlasting transition or a free and dignified society. 
Which is why the EU is to me the most ambitious human development project in history, our promise to be a family, united by common values: freedom, dignity, solidarity and justice. A promise that I think requires daily reaffirmation.



Country Deputy Lead

I joined the Volt in August 2019, when we were just a small group in Romania, with no experience, no network and no resources, but guided by one idea: to found a new political party, a truly European one, to support a stronger Europe and a more prosperous Romania. 

Although we had to fight for one whole year in order to be registered as a political party, which prevented us from participating in 2020's elections, we did not lose heart and aín the end won.

Today Volt Romania is a young progressive political party, open to all those who want to change Romania and Europe. And I'm glad to be a part of it.