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Volt is our response to all criticism of Europe: no country can effectively answer the challenges of the 21st century on its own. We have to move from Brexit to Max-it: not less, but better cooperation. In Romania and across borders. Volt is activating a new generation of European citizens.

Cooperation across borders

… a new vision

Volt Romania is a progressive party, part of a pan-European movement that proposes a new vision and a new way of doing politics, based on pragmatic and innovative solutions, adapted to common European ideals.

Pragmatic and innovative solutions

… values, lived day by day

Our core values are freedom, equal opportunities and dignity, the rule of law, transparency and inclusion.

Our political practice is structured by the principles of participatory democracy, implemented through a minimal-hierarchical structure and facilitated by pan-European communication and collaboration platforms.

All members are guaranteed the opportunity to make a significant contribution to decision-making regardless of status or identity.



The inspiration to start this movement came with Brexit and the unfortunate developments of 2016.

Shocked by what was happening on the continent and the general lack of reaction, Andrea Venzon, a young Italian who had not been active in politics until then, gathered a group of friends with whom he shared the same vision and began to discuss what should be done.

On March 29, 2017, when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the conditions of a state's waiver of membership of the European Union was invoked by the United Kingdom, the group formed a Facebook page and began trying to change the status quo.

Volt was born because reactionary and populist tendencies are threatening the values ​​we believe in and because existing political factions have failed to provide credible answers and alternatives to these challenges.