Comms Co-Lead

Comms Co-Lead

12 apr. 2022, 19:52:54 UTC
Volt Romania - Vacancies - Comms Co-Lead
Volt Romania Vacancies

Nice to meet you here...

We've been looking for you!

Join our team as Communications Co-Lead

Who are we?

Volt România is the national chapter of the pan-european movement Volt Europa.
We’re here for a different kind of politics and to build a united and federal Europe, where everyone has equal human rights, and is protected by the highest environmental, social, and technological standards. We are standing for a Smart State, an Economic Renaissance, Social Equality, Global Balance, Citizen Empowerment and an EU Reform to accomplish these goals.

What do we need you for?

At Volt, we try to fill each position with two leads. Therefore we are looking for a Comms Co-Lead to work with us. Although it is not a payed position, the experience and skills you will develop here and the workshops offered by Volt Europe, will surely also be a huge advantage in your everyday job. Speaking Romanian is not necessary and neither is being a resident of Romania. We’re an international team and mostly communicate in English. Nevertheless you need to be a member of Volt Europe or one of its national chapters or willing to join us!
This shouldn't be much of an obstacle because we’re an amazing movement!

What would you do then?

The Comms Co-Leads are responsible for the development of general communication strategies, administration and community support of our Social Media Accounts as well as internal Volt communication, according to the values and policies of Volt.
The main points being...

Which skills should you bring?

You're a free minded and motivated person that aligns with our values, you love digitalization and know how social media works?
Well, that’s basically it!
Some more detailed skills could (but not must) be:

*ok ok, we’ll start with
Romania and Europe first!

Why should you do it?

We won’t lie to you: It’s a lot of voluntary work and you will be payed solely in Carma points.
But we are a motivated team and really want to move things forward. This is your one time opportunity to be the change! Within our small team everything is resolved democratically, your voice and opinion count, your ideas can be realized and together we will work on the future of Europe!
The success of many other national chapters has shown that people want this change in politics and you can help spreading the word into the Romanian public!

Not yet convinced?

Drop us a message and meet us online!
Learn more about us and our movement!

Welcome to our team!